Product Inspections

Bit provides production Inspection programmes designed to eliminate many of the uncertainties associated with global sourcing. Final product inspections, packaging and shipping are important areas that need to be evaluated to ensure that your product is safe, reliable and conforms to appropriate standards and specifications that have been agreed upon between you and your supplier.

The benefits of Product Inspection include advantages to both internal processes and associated activity for product production capacity assessment conformity and reduce the commercial pressure of big players in same market.

• Assurance that risk management strategies are in place, which could reduce the likelihood and impact of liability claims.
• Reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and noncompliance with regulatory requirements.
• Ensure that customer specification has achieved; like product design and development packaging and Tagging etc.
• Encourage establishing In-house production to lowering the manufacturing cost and enhance product Quantity & Quality

Large Expertise Scope

• Metal and Metal Handicraft
• Textiles
• Apparel
• Dairy and dairy Products
• Leather
• Ceramic
• Carpet and Floor covering
• Cement
• Processed Food
• Home Furnishing
• Infrastructure