Our Mission

We help you not as a buying agent but a partner of choice by Brands, trades people and developers. Broadway International is an organization constantly learning to improve its services, testing compliances, audit capacities and customer service through research, professional development and technological innovation. It is a company consistently pushing the envelope of accepted CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) to create better value for customers.

We attain customer satisfaction and environmental requirements by continuously improving our products and technologies.

To acknowledge and uphold our corporate social responsibility, as expressed in our commitment and achievement of its goals in compliance with all legal requirements and to uphold and where applicable to continuously improve, we ensure:

• quality products and processes
• safe and healthy workplaces
• safe machinery and thus the safety of third parties, and
• an intact environment

We meet our mission by:

• recognizing and fulfilling customer and end user needs
• ensuring that our employees are experienced, conscientious and kept well-informed,
• a certified management system
• documented process control and fault detection and avoidance
• on-going fostering of in-house quality consciousness and environmental and safety awareness
• Fostering preventative approaches and active staff involvement in the fields of occupational safety and plant safety.
• intensive collaboration with suppliers, business partners and regulatory authorities
• environmentally-compatible improvements to our production processes
• regular reviews of our vision and mission